Dog Academy - Film Training in Wales

It has become increasingly apparent that the demands on the animals can be very high so we have decided to start a film academy for dogs on a Friday night a 7pm. The Course will be dedicated to training dogs in the skills necessary to work within the Film and TV industry. All the dogs will need to have acquired basic Obedience skills and most important of all, have the right look and temperament. Once the dogs have completed the courses and are ready, they will then be photographed and put onto our data base.

The training course will take the dogs through the progressive stages of desensitisation to the studio environment. The dogs will learn to work with different people, animals and in different environments. Coping with moving lights and cameras, getting used to smoke machines and clapper boards, all help with the preparation process of the dogs. Target training, directional send away, agility and trick training will all be covered within the 10 week course. The more the dog can do the better chance we have of getting the dog work.

The 10 week course last for 1 hour 30 mins and costs £120. The courses will be run continually so that the dogs can reach their full potential. Please note that the course is subject to Martins availability and will often have to be cancelled and forwarded to the following week.

Martin Winfield and his wife Ellen have been training and supplying animals to the film industry since 1985. Over the years we have supplied animals for film and drama, commercials, theatre, advertising, modelling and still photography. The handlers experience is second to none and they pride themselves in the care and well being of the animals they work with.