Dog Display Team Requirements

The management to provide a roped off grassed arena clear of obstacles and debris, 40 x 30 yards, with a preparation area of 10 x 12yrds next it.

Management to provide a P/A system with a radio mic into the arena for commentary by the artiste; also cassette/ CD-playing facilities through the P/A.

The artiste takes 7 minutes to set and clear the arena and requires a min of 1 hour interval between shows. The artiste has public liability insurance for 5 million.

There will be about 16 people with 8 - 10 dogs attending: parking is required for coach (10 x 3 m) adjacent to the arena with access in arena during performances.

Food and drink (vouchers) should be provided whenever possible.

Should inclement weather or other circumstances beyond the artistes control prevent the artiste from presenting their act on the day, then the agreed fee will still be payable, provided the artiste attend at the venue.

Over night camping may be required by the team and will be negotiated nearer to the time of the event.