Residential Dog Training

For some people the demands of training can be too much. Not all of us find it easy to devote the time and energy necessary to train our dog. It is often the first stages of training that can be the hardest. We can help you with this by having the dog stay with us for up to three weeks depending on the level you wish to acquire.

The foundations of training are built up in this time so as to make the work easier and more enjoyable for you and your dog. During the dogs stay with us, he will be treated as one of ours, working and developing his basic obedience skills. At the end of the training you will see the dogs training program and be taught the commands. You will also need to attend a private consultation which is free of charge, one week after the dog has been picked up.

Personal Protection training can only be done once the dog has passed an assessment and obedience test. The dog can stay with us for up to four weeks depending on the level required.

Obedience training £500.00 per week

Personal Protection Training £600.00 per week 

Please contact Ellen Ball on 07890625663