Dog Training Frequently Asked Questions

For your help I have listed some answers to typical questions we are asked about our services.

How old does my dog have to be?

You can start training at any age, however conditioning your dog as soon as you acquire them is essential. Whether you have them at seven weeks or five years old, start as you mean to go on. You can join our puppy class as soon as the puppy is fully covered by his vaccinations. The owners house or (The Root ) as I like to call it can be the source of much of the problem. How the owner treats the dog here and their general attitude toward the dog has a dramatic effect on the dogs temperament. For this reason on the first night of every course I ask the owners to come without their dogs so that I can talk them through a process to raise there position within the pack at home. This means in many cases this can mean a dramatic alteration in the owners behaviour.

My dog has problems at home will the classes help?

No, the classes are for general obedience and control. Whilst you come to the class we will help you with ay questions you may have. It is far better to have a home visit by Martin so that the problem can be addressed there.

What happens if my dog is too aggressive with other dogs?

If your dog is showing aggression to dogs or people we provide private consultations at our training centre. We can build up their tolerance very slowly and bring them into a class when ready.

Do you cater for all breeds?

Yes we do.

When do I pay for the course?

If you would like to reserve a place on a course please pay a deposit of £30.00 through our website to secure your place on a course or by cheque made payable to Rockwood within seven days. On the back of the cheque put your name breed of dog and telephone number with a note saying the course you would like. We will call you a week before the course is due to start, then on the first night you pay the balance of £70.00. Please note that even though you might think you have plenty of time to send your deposit after calling by phone we can only reserve a place for you once the deposit has been received. If the course is filled you will have to wait till the next course starts.

What methods do you use?

All our methods involve positive reinforcement Getting the attitude of the handler right first is essential so the first night the owners come without their dogs for a detailed talk about the psychological aspect of training.