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Please note dates are approximate and subject to change) 


Monday  16.03.20 more info  

19.00 Puppy    

20.15 Adult Beginners


Tuesday  04.02.20  more info 

19.00 puppy  FULL
20.15 Adult Beginners  


Wednesday 18.03.20 more info 

19.00 Intermediate

20.00 Advanced


Thursday 06.02.20  more info 

19.00 Intermediate

20.00 Advanced

 Friday 19:00. 14.02.2020

Starter Agility Class 
with Martin Winfield.

This class is for handlers and dogs that have ideally worked to a good level of obedience . You will be introduced starting from the very basics, the fun and excitement that agility brings for you and your dog.

Be one jump ahead with this Agility Class and who knows what you will achieve with your dog.

£60.00 for 5 week course - 45 minute class (may not be consecutive weeks due to filming commitments)

(contact Martin Winfield 07973930983)


Friday fun Agility  -     


(this is a 5 week course for £60 you must have completed an advanced training course before joining this course) 

please contact Louise on 07896781794 to book a place 


Saturday Socialization Play group -  runs every Saturday

11:00 for dog under 6 months old

12:00 for dogs over 6 months old 

(this socialization group is a pay as you go group it runs every Saturday £6 for 45 minutes,

 call Louise on 07896781794 to put you name down) IT IS NOT A TRAINING COURSE.