Caerphilly Pet Groomer Ellen Winfield

As an Adult Ellen had completed her City and guilds qualification in dog grooming, however her knowledge of animals goes far back to her very early childhood. Ellen was born in a small house just out side Caerphilly in the county village of Groes wen. She was surrounded by farm animals and it became very apparent at an early age that she had a natural rapport with them.

During her teenage years she began to show an interest in dogs and there training. It wasn't long before Ellen had become successful with the training of her own dog and wanted to pursue it further. As a young woman bringing up a family she still managed to find time to keep up her keen interest in dogs. Ellen began breeding Rottweilers and before long had a reputation of breeding sound working Rottweilers with excellent temperaments. It was also during this time she developed her fascination with hair.

The dogs coat and how it was maintained and cut had always been of interest to her and it was now time to do more. After many years of working from home clipping family and friends dogs, Ellen decided to start her own business and so in 1985 Rockwood Dog Grooming was born. A combination of understanding the dogs character and her attention to detail with the dogs coat has gained her great popularity with her clients.

Ellens wealth of knowledge and skill with dogs can also be witnessed with her help in her husbands business Rockwood Dog Training. Since 1982 Ellen helped and supported her husband Martin Winfield. with the set up of the training centre. Since then Ellen has appeared on many TV documentaries and has assisted on countless film and TV productions. During this time Ellen has had to handle many different animals from Snakes to Tigers. Her natural ability and great instinct always shows through when working on set.

1985 Ellen and her husband Martin Winfield formed The Rockwood Dog Display Team. Once again Ellens experience and knowledge was invaluable with the process of the development and training of the team with their dogs. As well as performing at hundreds of live shows throughout the year Ellen and her dog Mailo have performed live at the Crufts Dog Show.

One of Éllens favourite pastimes along with training the dog's is spending time with her Welsh Cob, Beauty. Despite learning to ride at a relatively late age Ellen has become a competent rider and already shown to be knowledgeable about the care and well being of horses. Her attitude, as with all things animal its, "If I don't know I will find out".

To some up, no matter which of our animals Ellen is with, the one thing they always have in common with me is.........

We are always pleased to see her.v